Menai & Elin Jones holding Caws Rhyd Y Delyn cheese

About us

Rhydydelyn is a family farm between Penmynydd and Red Wharf Bay near Pentraeth on the Isle of Anglesey run by Maldwyn and Menai Jones. The pedigree milking herd at Rhydydelyn dates back to 1938.

In those days the herd was mainly British Friesian but to-day the bloodlines contain mainly Holstein Friesians. On average, a good cow will produce around six gallons of milk a day. At the moment the best cow in the herd is called Dot. She always insists on being the first to enter the milking parlour at 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening.

Recently we have also started making Artisan hand crafted cheese on the farm, made in the traditional way. An unique, natural flavour can be found in this creamy plain Camembert type cheese. We also produce a cheese with local Sea Asparagus or Samphire when in season. Caws Rhydydelyn matures with time and like every other ‘brie’ type softens from the outside inwards to become a creamy, rich and unique cheese.

Some will enjoy it when it is quite hard, others prefer it soft. You must keep the cheese in a refrigerator and take it out at least an hour before eating. Our children Elin, Alun, Sioned and Huw are responsible for marketing the cheese and sell it in local food markets and local shops. Visitors are welcome to visit the farm and to buy our cheese.

Q&A with Maldwyn

What time do you get up?

Always about 5 am, and finish milking by 8 am. The cows have been milked and the milk is ready to start cheese-making.

What’s your favourite job during the day?

Fetching the cows in from the fields on a beautiful spring day.

What do you drink with the cheese that you make?

Depends what time of day it is. Lunchtime it will be a hot cup of tea. In the evening it would be a glass of red wine.

If you weren’t a farmer what would you be?

We farmers have to be jack of all trades – builder, mechanic, accountant! I would like to be a Chef perhaps – cooking is not my specialty.